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The idea for DEMI was formed by a busy mother of three young children, juggling school activities, extra-curricular activities, and a career as an attorney, all while trying to maintain self-care in the most convenient way.

Insert DEMI Blow Dry Bar! 


With no other salon of its kind, DEMI Blow Dry Bar will offer an affordable wash, dry and blowout in approximately 45 mins.


We know that once you get a blowout, it will be hard to go back to doing it on your own, so we’ve created the perfect VIP membership. The DEMI Membership includes 2 blowouts and then $5 off every additional blowout, while enrolled. 


We can’t wait to have you! 


Walk in. Blow out. 

FUN FACT: The idea behind the name "DEMI" came after our three children. Our youngest daughter, Demi, was named after our other two children, Dean and Mila. So there you have it! There are no favorites around here, although Demi may tell you otherwise! 

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